On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to our website! Here you will find any and all information about our organization.

Marian Educational Outreach began as Marian Day School and was founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Ferdinand, Indiana in 1958.  It was established to serve students with learning disabilities in the schools of the Catholic Diocese of Evansville.

Marian Educational Outreach was established in 2006 to meet the growing need of our exceptional learners while enabling them to remain in their home parish school.   It’s difficult to deny the special element that only Catholic schools provide for each student that passes through their doors.   They truly care for the whole child and Marian Educational Outreach works to ensure that students with unique learning needs have complete access to the benefits of a Catholic education.

MEO offers all 26 schools in our diocese support in the form of on-site funding and a multitude of resources. We have been closely working with the top notch resource and special education programs at Holy Spirit School, Reitz Memorial and Mater Dei High School.  All Catholic schools in the Evansville Diocese strive to meet the needs of each learner within the scope of its mission and philosophy.  Most schools have a special education teacher or learning resource teacher on staff who works closely with teachers and parents to help identify strategies, modifications and/or accommodations that can help students achieve success.  Marian Educational Outreach works to support those teachers and provides opportunities for professional growth.

Our goals this year include the continuation of our annual giving campaign, further financial support for our focus schools as well as continuing to offer support and be a presence in the special education and resource programs in all of our schools.  

I hope that you’ll join me in furthering our mission which is to ensure that students with unique learning needs reach their highest potential and find their place in our Catholic schools.

Christ's Peace,


Annie-Rose Keith

Director, Marian Educational Outreach


Helping students who learn differently in the Catholic Diocese of Evansville, Indiana


"The program with Marian Educational Outreach helps service all of our students, but I think it especially makes a Catholic school more attainable to neighborhood children...it meets the needs of our diverse learners and is one of the most beautiful aspects of our school because it allows us to service those students who desire a Catholic education as well as need additional special education interventions.”

-Melissa Blythe, 4th grade teacher at Holy Spirit School