Providing Assistive Technology

In 2017, Marian Educational Outreach was fortunate to receive grants for Corpus Christi, Mater Dei and Memorial to receive professional development on innovative teaching strategies for assistive technology.

Corpus Christi’s project was awarded a three year Pilot program providing 1:1 technology devices to students needing additional academic support. This project, with a major emphasis on professional development, was designed to guide teachers to align technology with the special needs of the students and to routinely assess and document progress of student learning.

The focus of the Mater Dei/Memorial project was to obtain devices and text-to-speech test-taking apps, so that students in the resource programs could have tests read to them by computers. This method of test taking is important because computer generated test-taking apps will be the protocol for students after graduation from high school. Training for teachers to integrate software into the curriculum will be ongoing.

The over-reaching goal of those two projects is to promote excitement in learning accompanied with improvement of independence and self-esteem for students who struggle academically.

The priority of MEO for the next three to five years is to provide Innovative and Incubation projects for students with special needs in our Catholic schools. These two projects fit that description. They combine professional development with acquisition of technology devices and software, and they are nurturing, ongoing, and cultivate the process for new growth in student learning and future project implementation.

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Differentiated Instruction to Diocesan Educators

Professional development on how to differentiate materials and instruction to the ever-increasingly diverse population of diocesan students was provided to diocesan educators beginning in 2014. Training was provided in conjunction with Indiana University and took place over a 3 year period.

More information on this endeavor to come!